Harikrishna Is World No.10

Harikrishna Is World No.10

Harikrishna Is World No.10
By Arvind Aaron

  • Indian Grand Master Pentala Harikrishna of Hyderabad has moved into the World Top 10. In the November 2016 rating list of FIDE, Harikrishna is rated 2768 and takes the tenth place.

A place in the world top ten usually guarantees easy invitations into elite competitions. Upon this, Harikrishna is also a former World Junior champion and also an Under-10 champion.

Harikrishna gained 5.5 Elo points in his ten games from three different league events scoring seven points. He recorded wins over Shirov, Cheparinov and suffered one loss to Radjabov.

Harikrishna, the 1986-born is ranked second in the country behind Anand and also second in the continent behind him. The Chinese have all exited the world top 10!

Carlsen maintains his No.1 spot with a big margin on 2853. So does Hou Yifan of China in the women’s list with 2635. Interestingly, former No.1 Judit Polgar will be the commentator during the upcoming Carlsen v Karjakin match at New York from Nov 11, 2016.

World U-16 girls champion Aakanksha Hagawane has entered the Indian women’s top 10 with 2305.

World Top 10: M Carlsen (Nor) 2853, F Caruana (USA) 2823, M Vachier-Lagrave (Fra) 2811, 4 V Kramnik (Rus) 2810, 5 L Aronian (Arm) 2795, 6 Wesley So (USA) 2794, 7 V Anand (Ind) 2779, 8 H Nakamura (USA) 2779, 9 S Karjakin (Rus) 2772, 10 P Harikrishna (Ind) 2768.
Women (Top 10): Hou Yifan (Chn) 2635, Ju Wenjun (Chn) 2580, Anna Muzychuk (Ukr) 2561, Koneru Humpy (Ind) 2557, 5 A Kosteniuk (Rus) 2555, 6 D Harika (Ind) 2543, 7 V Cmilyte (Ltu) 2538, 8 M Muzuchuk (Ukr) 2532, 9 Lagno (Rus) 2530, 10 Gunina (Rus) 2525.
India (top 10): Anand 2779, Harikrishna 2768, Vidit Gujrathi 2689, P Negi 2670, Adhiban 2666, Ganguly 2664, Sasikiran 2654, Sethuraman 2649, Ab Gupta 2630, Chanda 1693.
India women (top 10): Humpy 2557, Harika 2543, Tania 2431, Eesha 2425, Vijayalakshmi 2390, Soumya 2386, Padmini 2374, Gomes 2306, Aakanksha 2305, R Vaishali 2300.

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